Code of Practice for Community Equipment


Publisher: Community
Equipment Solutions

Published: June 2011
Format: Paperback, 173 pages
ISBN: 978-0-9569095-0-3

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Code of Practice for Community Equipment (paperback) by (author) Brian Donnelly

"I very much welcome it and hope that it is a Code that will be used and followed. It should find a place not just in the offices of the main service providers but also in special schools and residential accommodation: in fact, everywhere where disabled people use equipment." Sir Bert Massie CBE

In response to the widely recognised need for Standards to be introduced to community equipment in England, this new book has been written by Brian Donnelly. It is the only comprehensive guide available for community equipment in England, and is essential reading for everyone associated with these services, in whatever capacity. It covers all methods of provision including the Transforming Community Equipment Services (TCES) Retail Model.

The Code of Practice for Community Equipment is the official publication of a new 'Community Equipment Code of Practice Scheme'. It sets down a quality framework for procurement and provision of services, allowing high quality, efficient and safe services to be delivered.

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Following on from his acclaimed 2009 paper calling on the need for Standards, and having subsequently written Standards for Wales, Brian Donnelly has now completed a ground-breaking Code of Practice for England. This Code is the catalyst for improving services to meet unprecedented challenges ahead for the sector.

The Code of Practice has been officially endorsed by the National Association of Equipment Providers (NAEP). The book is an integral part of the new 'Code of Practice Scheme', which has been set up by a not-for-profit organisation to administer registration of organisations applying the Code. The Code of Practice Scheme will be overseen by prominent figures from across the industry.

The Code of Practice for Community Equipment is an indispensible guide for: policy makers; GPs; commissioners; procurement officers; service users and carers; healthcare professionals; medical device technicians and trainers; regulators and auditors; students and academics; and all providers including community equipment stores, retailers, special schools, care homes, hospitals and third sector organisations.

Main topics covered include:
Commissioning; governance; joint working; legal and welfare related obligations; health & safety; performance management; training requirements; stock management; managing medical devices; clinical responsibilities.


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"Brian Donnelly has commendably and expertly trained a powerful search beam on community equipment and put it into sharp relief. I am in no doubt that the Code he has written will prove to be an invaluable and practical tool." Michael Mandelstam