Complex and children’s equipment

It is widely recognised that provision of complex, specialist and children’s equipment is particularly problematic.

To improve this under-recognised and under-funded area of the industry, Community Equipment Solutions’ Founder and Director Brian Donnelly produced a review paper outlining a proposal to change the way in which equipment of this nature is provided.

The proposal, a unique initiative, is to introduce a national all-sector service to deal with specialist, complex and children’s equipment in Wales.

This would be a centralised function which would support existing community equipment services. Uniquely, it could also be accessed directly by the third sector and by members of the public.

The model has been supported, in principle, by the Audit Commission, not just in Wales but on a wider scale. It commented:

This has the status of a no-brainer in that it makes eminent sense to do. The creation of an integrated one stop approach was something we considered as part of Fully Equipped; a single service across Wales provides you with the critical mass to do this and then provides a template to roll out elsewhere.

Good luck with this as it will be pushing at an open door!

The National Store is a winner.

Michael Yeats, co-writer of ‘Fully Equipped*’: Audit Commission

 *Fully Equipped is a report published in 2000 by the Audit Commission concerning the provision of equipment to older or disabled people by the NHS and social services in England and Wales.

“Community Equipment Solutions has just completed the business case for establishing a central service for complex equipment to support the local services to provide a more timely response to the provision of complex equipment together with improving the recycling rate for this equipment.

In brief, Community Equipment Solutions has demonstrated creativity, practical knowledge, strategic and analytical skills together with incredible commitment to get the job completed to a high quality.”

Steve Vaughan
Policy Lead on Integration of Community Equipment Services
Welsh Assembly Government