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Community Equipment Solutions: National service for Complex, Specialist and Children’s Equipment

“I have been working with Brian Donnelly, Director of Community Equipment Solutions Ltd., over the past year on developing the business case for setting up a national store for complex, specialist and children’s equipment in Wales. Brian has deep knowledge and experience in the Community Equipment arena, which has enabled him to assemble the key information needed to make the case for change, and develop strong credibility with all of the professionals involved. 

As well as working on procurement policy for the Welsh Assembly Government, I also have a small daughter with Cerebral Palsy who relies heavily on specialist equipment – postural support chairs, standing frames, and other aids for personal care and independence.  I can see at first hand the impact of getting the right equipment quickly on her physical development and ability to be included fully in her mainstream school. Investing early can bring huge savings in the longer term, as well as protecting the health and quality of life for whole families.

Brian is passionately committed to improving these services, making them safer and more efficient – making the best equipment available more quickly to all those that need it. It has been a pleasure working with someone who really believes, from experience, that services can be radically improved!”

Dr Sue Hurrell

Special Projects Manager, and mother of a disabled child – Imogen (pictured above).

Welsh Assembly Government

Testimonial: Brian Donnelly, October 2010

“Brian has just recently completed a three year secondment with the Welsh Assembly Government. He was appointed to assist local authorities and local health boards and NHS Trusts with the development on integrated community equipment services. We now have 11 formal partnerships operating with pooled budgets providing community equipment services throughout Wales.


Brian has proved to be a tremendous asset to this programme. Having formally developed and managed an integrated community equipment service for adults and children he brought a great deal of practical knowledge to the project. Coupled with his considerable analytical skills this has proved to be invaluable.


Brian has provided both practical advice and a range of tools on a wide range of subjects to move our project forward. This has ranged from advice on the content of management reports to partnership boards to ‘Just in Time’ Procurement. He has provided advice directly to partnership boards, community equipment service managers together with professional forums. This has included the development of formal guidance.


He provided valuable advice to Value Wales with the development of an ‘all Wales’ contract for purchasing routine equipment which has proved to be beneficial both in terms of quality and cost.


Brian has proved be to extremely diligent and brings tremendous commitment to any project he tackles. In his own time he developed the case for national minimum standards for equipment publishing an independent review. Part of his work with the Welsh Assembly has involved the development of national minimum standards for community equipment services which are presently out for consultation in Wales. He completed the first draft on his own and has demonstrated considerable skills in working with key organisations and professional bodies to contribute and support their development.


Finally, Brian has just completed the business case for establishing a central service for complex equipment to support the local services to provide a more timely response to the provision of complex equipment together with improving the recycling rate for this equipment.


In brief Brian has demonstrated creativity, practical knowledge, strategic and analytical skills together with incredible commitment to get the job completed to a high quality.”

Steve Vaughan

Policy Lead on Integration of Community Equipment Services

Welsh Assembly Government

 Testimonial: Director of Community Equipment Solutions, October 2010

“I have worked with Brian Donnelly, Director of Community Equipment Solutions, since 2006. We have collaborated on projects including: service user consultations, need assessment and allied research, strategic and operational planning, and business planning.


Brian is 100% reliable. Once a project is agreed the commissioner can be entirely confident that it will be completed, on time, and to a very high standard. This standard will be as measured by the client, the employer and the clinical professions at once. Brian refuses to see these stakeholders as being in conflict. Rather, he will devise a plan that advances the aspirations of all three constituencies.


Satisfying a range of stakeholders takes ‘out of the box’ thinking and Brian always goes beyond the obvious solution arriving at an innovative project plan that is economic and reflects the aspirations of all.


Overall, I take considerable pleasure in working with Brian and I believe that his efforts will have a lasting legacy, particularly for people with physical disabilities. I would commend his work to anyone. He is creative, diligent and works to the very highest standard.”

Dr Neil Wheeler EdD, MBA, CIHSM, DipCOT.

Principal Lecturer in Healthcare management, Oxford Brookes University

Consultant in Management