Marketing opportunities

Community Equipment Solutions and you

Community Equipment Solutions is in a prime position to market your products or services.

The services offered by Community Equipment Solutions are so broad, and delivered right across the spectrum of health and social care and indeed the entire care industry, that we can offer the perfect opportunity to advertise and promote your company to our diverse audiences.

By advertising with us, your products and services are guaranteed to be seen by the right people and organisations from across the industry.

There are many ways for you to reach your potential clients through our wide range of marketing opportunities including:

Website advertising

Community Equipment Solutions has recently invested in a state-of-the-art website, which has become a hub for the entire community equipment industry providing information and support to all interested parties.

As the authors of the Code of Practice for Community Equipment we have a wide range of people and organisations currently visiting our website.

We anticipate that as the Code Standards roll out in the UK, our visibility will increase significantly across the industry, and to other parts of the globe.

We can offer prime advertising space on the homepage where suppliers may want to place their products and services, or we can offer advertising on a page specific to your product or service e.g. Children’s equipment.

We even have the facility for advertising webcasts e.g. via YouTube.

We also have social media marketing capabilities and an e-mail marketing facility via regular newsletters to our comprehensive database of industry experts and professionals.

Click here to view a PDF of, ‘Who is currently viewing Community Equipment Solutions’ website:

We have also recently been contacted by organisations and individuals from outside the United Kingdom.

Training sessions

In addition we are currently rolling out training sessions in the UK on the Code of Practice. This also provides a unique platform for your organisation to promote products and services to a targeted audience.

Our seminars are offered across the sector to commissioners, providers, clinical staff, and equipment suppliers and distributors.

We offer training to all equipment providers in the areas of education, care homes, equipment stores and NHS continuing healthcare providers.

Our training sessions are usually provided to between 30 and 40 key individuals working in the field, which provides a highly targeted and opportunistic cost-effective marketing channel.

We offer a range of flexible sponsorship opportunities including:

  • Sponsorship packages
  • Insert in delegate packs
  • Advertising on delegate packs
  • Literature displays

Whatever your needs are please contact us to see if these can be accommodated.