CECOPS Approved Training Courses

Community Equipment Solutions is pleased to be offering CECOPS Approved Training Courses on the officially recognised Code of Practice for Community Equipment. If you are in any way involved in the commissioning, provision or clinical aspects of community disability equipment, then these courses are for you.


The CECOPS Approved Training courses cover all Code Standards within the relevant section of the Code of Practice. There are 3 main sections to the Code, with a different course for each section as shown below:

COURSE 1: Clinical and Professional Responsibilities – This course is based entirely on the Code of Practice and it addresses how you can use the code to assure high service quality in relation to many issues related to equipment assessments e.g. assessing and reviewing needs, assessing the home and single assessment. It also looks at practical aspects with regards to the equipment selection process, risk assessments, training in provision and use of equipment, and demonstrations. This is essential training for all occupational therapists, physiotherapists, nurses and carers involved in assessment, and provision and use of equipment.

COURSE 2: Commissioning and Governance – This course is based entirely on the Code of Practice and it considers legal, welfare, contractual, financial and performance related issues, with a strong emphasis on governance and risk management. It addresses how you can use the code to assure high service quality in relation to practical elements like joint working and eligibility criteria. This course is essential for anyone involved in planning & commissioning equipment services.

COURSE 3: Service Provision – This course is based entirely on the Code of Practice and it addresses how you can use the code to assure high service quality in relation to operational issues relating to provision of disability equipment, including quality, health & safety and information management. It includes detailed coverage of medical device management responsibilities. This course is essential not only for operational managers, but for all staff involved in provision of equipment including for example, stores staff, drivers, and technicians.

Course length: 1 day for each course.

Special arrangements can be made to provide training on a combination of the above courses if required.


To enable participants to:

  • identify and analyse the Code Standards which pertain to their individual practice and that of staff for whom they are responsible
  • understand the obligations of each Code Standard, and recognise a variety of contextual settings
  • develop an understanding of the potential risks associated with the issues each Code Standard covers, and the likely consequences of failings
  • plan documentary evidence to demonstrate adherence with each Code Standard deemed relevant
  • self and peer audit/assess against Code Standards to ensure that they are compliant therewith
  • enhance their performance through a detailed examination of evidence for their current service quality.


  • Local Authority and NHS commissioners and senior managers
  • All equipment provider staff (both in-house and outsourced) e.g. joint equipment stores, continuing healthcare
  • Clinical staff e.g. occupational therapists, physiotherapists, nurses and carers
  • Special schools: staff responsible for equipment assessment, provision, maintenance & use
  • Third sector organisations supplying equipment to the public
  • Private sector organisations e.g. retailers
  • Care providers e.g. care home and domiciliary care staff

I generally found the training to be extremely useful and enjoyed the day. It put flesh on the bones and helped me understand, firstly, how the Code would relate to our business and, secondly, the practical issues involved in implementing the Code…. Douglas Armour, Director, Community Equipment Services, British Red Cross


Courses are normally charged at £125 per person. Prices may vary slightly subject to location.


Dr Neil Wheeler EdD, MBA, CIHSM, DipCOT – Neil has worked for 15 years as a Principal Lecturer at Oxford Brookes University teaching, consulting and researching Healthcare Management. Prior to this he spent 15 years as a clinician and manager in the NHS, and 10 years as a general manager, then executive director for an NHS Trust. Neil’s breadth of experience gives him a deep understanding of the multi-professional nature of community equipment provision.

Brian Donnelly MSc – Brian is the author of the Code of Practice for Community Equipment. He also is also the founder and CEO of CECOPS CIC, the not-for-profit organisation which manages adoption of the Code.

Brian has worked for the public sector in the community disability equipment field for approximately 14 years, latterly as an advisor within the Welsh Assembly Government. He is now recognised nationally and internationally as an expert in equipment related matters. Brian holds a Master’s degree (with distinction) in health & social care management.

Ellie Burcher BSc (Hons) OT SROT – With over 10 years’ experience as an occupational therapist and senior manager in health and social care, and the private sector, Ellie’s clinical skills and experience are second to none in the equipment field, and she is recognised nationally as a true expert in her profession.

Ellie is one of the first CECOPS Approved Trainers in the UK, and she provides training on the Code of Practice on behalf of Community Equipment Solutions Ltd.


Courses run on a regular basis at various locations across the UK. Special arrangements can also be made for group training to be delivered on your own premises. To book courses, or to find out more about the availability and location of courses, please contact our organisations:

T: 0191 233 6714

F:  0191 213 0910

E: events@disabilitynorth.org.uk

W: www.disabilitynorth.org.uk/ces.html

Download a copy of our brochure HERE


…the Code will help organisations who commission or provide community equipment make health and safety improvements in their business” Health and Safety Executive

…the College of Occupational Therapists is encouraged to see the Community Equipment Code of Practice… Peggy Frost, Head of Professional Practice, College of Occupational Therapists

…the Royal College of Nursing supports the document and wishes to see it widely used. Lynn Young, Primary Care Adviser, RCN

…the Chartered Society of Physiotherapy has strongly supported the development of this code… Leonie Dawson, Professional Adviser, Chartered Society of Physiotherapy

…the Code will enable organisations to address all regulatory and legal requirements through one review of services. Sarah Pickup, President, ADASS (Association of Directors of Adult Social Services)